Taking safety seriously

About RecallDesk

RecallDesk is specialized in product recalls. Either big or small, recalls are complex just the same and need to be managed properly. RecallDesk is unique in offering a combination of services that can be tailored to the needs of the client facing a (potential) recall. RecallDesk offers both legal, risk management and operational support. With our expertise and experience, we can lead or complete your recall team. This will add value to your team and save you time, stress and ultimately money.

Our philosophy is to offer personal, reliable, expert, hands-on and affordable services.


You can call us directly on our mobile phone, whenever you need help. We want to get to know your company, your products and your key employees, in order to support you in the best possible way, tailored to your organization.


Transparency builds trust. We say what we do and we do what we say.


Having managed many complex and international product recalls, we know what it takes to manage a recall properly. We can deliver a legal opinion when needed, but also manage or support a recall from an operational perspective.  We have value adding knowledge on insurance law that may be unknown territory to many companies. RecallDesk maintains a global network of experts that could assist in case needed. This includes for example legal experts as well as experts in the field of product safety standards. 


No recall is the same. Managing a product recall means stress and requires a hands-on and flexible mentality to get things done. 


For recall management we work with reasonable hourly fees that are customary for boutique firms. For services relating to product compliance, making a recall plan, training or insurance advice, we can work based on fixed pricing.

Hiring external partners or experts will always be done with the client’s prior approval and their costs will be charged without any mark-up by RecallDesk.

Rutger Oldenhuis

RecallDesk was founded by Rutger Oldenhuis, former head of Legal Affairs at a large multinational company making and selling consumer goods. During his career, Rutger has been involved in many complex and international product recalls. Recalls always happen when it’s least expected or convenient. Recently, when looking for a company that could support him by taking over the entire recall management, Rutger could not find a suitable nor affordable candidate. Therefore, being passionate about product safety, Rutger decided to start his own company offering a unique combination of recall services.

Rutger Oldenhuis holds a Master’s degree in both Civil Law (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and International and European Tax Law (University of Amsterdam). He is a passionate sportsman (cycling, running, tennis) and loves to make music (guitar, singing, drums).