Taking safety seriously

About RecallDesk

RecallDesk specializes in product compliance, product safety, and product recalls. We assist businesses in ensuring regulatory adherence, mitigating risks, and safeguarding their operations with expert guidance.

In the event that a product recall becomes necessary, regardless of its scale, the complexities remain the same, demanding proper management. RecallDesk stands out by offering a versatile array of services customized to meet the unique needs of clients facing challenges in the realms of product compliance, safety, and recalls.

Our comprehensive offerings encompass legal, risk management, and operational support. Leveraging our expertise and experience, we can take the lead or complement your product safety team, delivering added value to your organization. This not only saves you time and stress but also ultimately safeguards your financial resources.

At RecallDesk, our philosophy is centered around providing personalized, reliable, and expert services. We believe in a hands-on approach that is both affordable and tailored to meet your unique needs.


Feel free to reach us directly on our mobile phone anytime you require assistance. We’re committed to understanding your company, your products, and your key team members to provide you with tailored, top-notch support.


Transparency builds trust. We say what we do and we do what we say.


With extensive experience managing complex international product recalls, RecallDesk is well-versed in the intricacies of proper recall management. We offer legal opinions, operational recall management, and valuable insights into insurance law—an often uncharted territory for many companies.

Explore our case studies for real-world examples of our expertise, and discover how we’ve successfully handled challenging product safety and recall situations.

Our global network of experts includes legal professionals and experts in product safety standards, ready to assist whenever needed.


Every recall is unique. Managing a product recall can be stressful and demands a hands-on, adaptable approach to achieve results. RecallDesk is accustomed to this approach.


We offer competitive hourly rates, typical of boutique firms. Depending on the specific service or project, we are open to discussing discounted rates, fee caps, or fixed fees to accommodate your needs.

Rutger Oldenhuis

RecallDesk was founded in April 2021 by Rutger Oldenhuis, a former head of Legal Affairs at a large multinational consumer goods company with extensive experience in managing complex international product safety and recall challenges. When his former employer moved its headquarters, Rutger, passionate about product safety, founded RecallDesk, offering a unique blend of product safety and recall services.

Rutger Oldenhuis holds two Master’s degrees in law. He is a passionate sportsman (cycling, running, tennis) and loves to make music (guitar, singing, drums).