Case studies

Below is a list of examples of cases in which RecallDesk was actively engaged

RecallDesk provided assistance to U.S.-based outdoor brand (more than $1B annual turnover) with their product recall efforts in Europe and several non-European countries. This involved conducting a comprehensive risk assessment and collaborating closely with market surveillance authorities. As an integral part of the recall team, RecallDesk offered support to key personnel responsible for the recall’s execution, including drafting the necessary communication. RecallDesk also managed to successfully recover specific recall costs through the client’s product liability insurance, totalling over EUR 100,000.

RecallDesk offered assistance to a European-based bicycle parts manufacturer facing a potentially serious product recall situation. After conducting a detailed analysis of the case and performing a thorough root cause analysis, RecallDesk determined that a recall was not warranted. This decision saved our client significant time, costs, and potential damage to their reputation.

RecallDesk provided assistance to a number of food clients based in Amsterdam who had incurred recall-related losses due to a contaminated ingredient. Through RecallDesk’s efforts, we successfully facilitated a compensation claim against the supplier of the contaminated ingredient, resulting in a recovery of EUR 200,000 for our clients.

RecallDesk authored several product manuals for European-based manufacturers.

RecallDesk assisted a bicycle accessories manufacturer based in France with their international product recall, which included conducting a risk assessment, consulting with market surveillance authorities, and preparing the required communication kit.

RecallDesk provided assistance to a traditional B2B manufacturer that expanded into the D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) market. Our advisory services encompassed EU consumer law, packaging and labelling requirements, and ensuring full compliance with relevant EU regulations for their webshop.

RecallDesk offered assistance to a U.S.-based outdoor brand (more than $1B annual turnover) concerning the legal requirements associated with the EU Biocidal Products Regulation.

For a leading European-based helmet brand, RecallDesk conducted a risk assessment for one of their products to determine if and to what extent the product posed a risk and whether corrective actions were required.

RecallDesk conducted a review of the product recall insurance for a European-based manufacturer, providing guidance on policy interpretation and suggesting improvements for their policy.

RecallDesk assisted a European-based manufacturer of high-end e-bikes with their product recall. This involved conducting a risk assessment, collaborating with a renowned third-party testing institute, and providing additional support as required. RecallDesk also prevented the affected products from having to be refunded in the USA, which could have potentially led to our client’s bankruptcy, opting for repair instead.

RecallDesk offered guidance to a U.S.-based outdoor brand (more than $1B annual turnover) regarding the use of the French Triman logo.

RecallDesk provided assistance to a European-based bicycle accessories manufacturer by conducting a pre-market risk assessment and drafting the product manual in compliance with European regulations and standards.

RecallDesk prepared a recall plan for a parts supplier in the automotive industry based in the Netherlands.

RecallDesk conducted QuickScans for multiple manufacturers across Europe, including a market leading cargo bike manufacturer, a market leading manufacturer of forest and gardening tools (more than $5B turnover), a manufacturer and webshop of (smart) lamps, a manufacturer and seller of bicycle wheels, and a manufacturer of plastic products (more than $100M annual turnover).

RecallDesk offered assistance to a UK-based manufacturer in evaluating the need for a recall.

RecallDesk assisted a well-known European-based bicycle component brand with their worldwide product recall. This involved conducting a risk assessment, consulting with market surveillance authorities, reviewing the communication kit, and providing any other necessary services throughout the project.

RecallDesk was engaged by a U.S.-based automotive company (more than $9B annual turnover) to evaluate and standardize their recall procedures in Europe, and offering guidance on necessary improvements.

RecallDesk offered assistance to a flower nursery based in Africa that was dealing with a TSWV virus issue. RecallDesk assessed their legal position, devised a legal strategy, and collaborated with an attorney, resulting in a successful resolution of the case against the claimant.

RecallDesk assisted a manufacturer and reseller of cladding based in the Netherlands, when there were suspicions of non-compliance with relevant fire safety regulations. After assessing the case, RecallDesk concluded that a recall was not necessary.

RecallDesk offered assistance to a U.S.-based manufacturer of e-bikes when one of their models was seized by an EU customs authority and found to be non-compliant with the EPAC standard. RecallDesk successfully provided legal defense by establishing the safety of the affected model, despite it not meeting specific aspects of the EPAC standard.

RecallDesk assisted a leading manufacturer in the bicycle industry (more than $4B turnover) by conducting a risk assessment. We successfully demonstrated and convinced the market surveillance authority that the actual risk level was not serious or high.RecallDesk News Blogs

RecallDesk offered assistance to a U.S.-based manufacturer and webshop (more than $10M annual revenue) specializing in party gifts and toys, specifically regarding market access in the EU. This included addressing requirements related to the EU REACH Regulation.

RecallDesk acts as external counsel in various areas, including product compliance, product safety, consumer law, distribution law, and market access, providing comprehensive legal support to a wide array of companies, based on Europe, USA and Asia.

RecallDesk has conducted numerous webinars and presentations on the subjects of product compliance, product safety, and recall procedures.