Liability in case of e-bike battery fire – Eurobike 2022 Presentation

Rutger Oldenhuis, founder of RecallDesk, shall give a presentation on “Liability in case of e-bike battery fire” during Eurobike 2022 /Eurobike Academy.

Battery fires are an increasing concern in the bicycle industry. Product safety and liability are closely linked. This lecture will give insight on questions like ‘who within the supply chain is liable for a battery fire’, ‘can liability be excluded’, ‘what if a consumer did not follow the user instructions’, ‘what if the battery was refurbished’, ‘what if the cause of the battery fire could not be determined’, ‘how do insurance companies look at the risk of batteries’, and more.

Rutger Oldenhuis is an experienced and seasoned lawyer, holding a master degree in both civil and tax law. He has been Head of Legal of Shimano Europe for almost 17 years. In April 2021 Rutger became an independent legal consultant and founded RecallDesk, which is specialized in product safety and recalls.

Categories Workshops & Presentations , EUROBIKE ACADEMY
Date July 13, 2022, 3 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.
Location Portalhaus: Room, Transparenz 1
Speaker Rutger Oldenhuis


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