Voormalig hoofd juridische zaken van Shimano Europe start RecallDesk

RecallDesk is in het nieuws! Op 8 april 2021 heeft Bike Europe een artikel gepubliceerd over de start van RecallDesk.

“A product recall means crisis,” says Rutger Oldenhuis who was manager Legal Affairs at Shimano Europe for more than 16 years. “Either big or small, recalls are complex and need to be managed properly. A recall requires a lot of resources and may hit a company’s P&L badly. We are specialised in managing recalls, from smaller to complex multi-jurisdictional recalls. Whatever the situation, we can offer the needed support, either to lead or complete a recall team.”

“Even though a recall is a major crisis, at Shimano I have always experienced a positive team spirit when working together towards a common goal: the safety of customers. With RecallDesk I would like to offer my recall experience to the consumer goods industry. Considering my professional background, RecallDesk may be particularly interesting for the bicycle industry.”

Lees het artikel via deze link.