RecallDesk is trotse partner van de WFSGI

RecallDesk is trotse partner van de World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI). Het partnership beoogt leden betaalbare toegang te geven tot een specialist op het gebied van product recalls.

De WFSGI en RecallDesk hebben een gezamenlijk persbericht gepubliceerd:

Taking safety seriously. Together.

The number of product recalls has been growing steadily over the past decade. Sports equipment, including bicycles and bicycle parts, is high on the list of most frequent product recalls. Either big or small, recalls are complex projects that need to be managed properly. A recall requires a lot of resources and may hit a company’s P&L badly. Whilst some companies may be perfectly equipped to manage a product recall by themselves, many others may not. But in any case, consulting a recall expert may add value, whether it is to lead or complete a recall team.

The new partnership between the WFSGI and RecallDesk aims to offer WFSGI members affordable access to a specialist in the field of product recall management. RecallDesk is unique in offering a combination of services that can be tailored to the needs of a company facing a recall. RecallDesk offers legal, risk management and operational support.

RecallDesk, located in the Netherlands, was founded by Rutger Oldenhuis, former Head of Legal at Shimano Europe. The WFSGI and Rutger go back a long way. Rutger has been an active member of the WFSGI Legal Committee for many years, including several years as Vice Chairman.

Robbert de Kock, President and CEO of the WFSGI:
“The philosophy and values of WFSGI and its members are reflected by numerous WFSGI projects and initiatives, like the Responsible Sports Initiative, Labelling Database, Communication on Action, CR position papers and many more. Product safety and standards are also high on the WFGSI agenda. And yet, despite all efforts to manufacture and sell only safe products, a company may be faced with a product recall. The new partnership with RecallDesk therefore fits very well with the philosophy and services of WFSGI. I can wholeheartedly recommend the services of RecallDesk to our members.”

Rutger Oldenhuis, Owner and Founder of RecallDesk:
“I am proud and grateful for the opportunity to partner with the WFSGI. With this partnership the WFSGI recognizes the importance of a well-managed product recall. I am very much looking forward to working closely together with the WFSGI and its members.”

Voor meer informatie over dit partnerschap verwijzen wij u naar de website van de WFSGI hier.