“In my former capacity as Sr. Manager Customer Service & Technical Support, I have worked closely together with Rutger Oldenhuis for many years at our previous employer, a multinational manufacturer of bicycle components and fishing tackle. I got to know Rutger as a very pleasant and knowledgeable person. In the field of product recalls, we have jointly coordinated many international (voluntary) product recalls. One of our goals was the tracing of as many products as possible, repairing or retrieving them from, among others, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers.

Rutger among others took the leading role in the legal, risk and communication part. This includes making risk assessments, maintaining contact with the relevant authorities and drafting all relevant documents that are required to properly carry out a product recall.

Over the years, the way to reach the end-user has changed from hanging posters at retailer shops to making use of social media as much as possible. During this transition, to make the recall successful, Rutger has always considered what would be the best options available to reach as many end-users as possible in the most efficient way.

Based on my experience I can strongly recommend Rutger as a business partner for managing product recalls.”

– Peter Winterman

“Rutger and I go back a long way, both working for Shimano and Lazer. I used to call him “Master of Disaster” 🙂 as legal and commerce always used to be two different worlds. My knowledge, interest and experience within legal issues has for sure boosted thanks to Rutger. I have always enjoyed working with him and highly value him for his professional knowledge, his skills and the pleasant interpersonal contacts. That definitely also applies to international and high impact product recalls, where we gained some decent experience together. Knowing Rutger has started RecallDesk, I’m sure he’ll be able use these experience to provide excellent professional services when it comes to leading and managing product recalls.”

– Mike Smink – Commercial Director at Lazer Sports NV, Antwerp (Belgium)