When Crisis Hits

Risk assessment
Risk assessment plays a pivotal role in ensuring product safety and protecting consumers. When dealing with suspected unsafe products, a thorough and systematic risk assessment process is crucial. In accordance with EU regulations, the risk level can be categorized as low, medium, high, or serious. The appropriate corrective measures will primarily hinge on the determined level of risk. RecallDesk is available to assist you in evaluating the risk.

RecallDesk News BlogsRecall management (leading the recall team)
A recall can be a huge and complex project involving many different disciplines, including product design, QC, production, supply chain, warehousing, marketing & communication, sales, legal and finance. Having a recall expert leading the recall team will add value to the recall and the performance of the recall team. It will also lower the stress and burden on key employees. It is worthwhile noting that a well-conducted recall may not harm your brand, but instead even increase your customers’ trust.

Notify authorities
Due to the critical importance of consumer safety, product recalls are closely monitored and regulated by authorities. In order to determine whether and to whom a product issue should be reported, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the regulatory framework that is applicable to the affected product. RecallDesk offers assistance in determining the applicable legal regulations and notification requirements for your products. Our services extend to coordinating and managing the necessary notifications with the relevant authorities on your behalf.

Drafting communication
When faced with a product recall, clear and concise communication with your customers is paramount. At RecallDesk, we specialize in crafting comprehensive recall communication, including consumer letters. We can also coordinate translation of the communication and facilitate registered delivery, as necessary.

Claiming damages
Components or ingredients worth €10 may cause a recall worth several millions. For a number of clients, RecallDesk succesfully recovered substantial amounts of recall damages. If applicable and (legally) possible, certain recall damages may be recovered from e.g. suppliers or their insurance companies.

Insurance matters
As regards insurance matters, RecallDesk has value adding knowledge on insurance law that may be unknown territory to many companies. A substantial portion of your recall costs may be subject to recovery. RecallDesk has a 100% successful track record in this area.