To lead or complete
your recall team

RecallDesk is unique in offering a combination of legal, risk management and operational services that can be tailored to the needs of the client facing a (potential) recall.

Whether it is to lead or complete your recall team, with the services of RecallDesk you will by all means add value to your organization. Hiring RecallDesk will add expertise to your team and save you time, resources, stress and ultimately also money.

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Taking safety seriously

The number of product recalls has been growing steadily over the past decade, with millions of products recalled each year by manufacturers and suppliers on a voluntary or mandatory basis.

Either big or small, recalls are complex just the same and need to be managed properly. A recall requires a lot of resources and may hit a company’s P&L badly. Whilst some companies may be perfectly equipped to manage a product recall by themselves, many others may not. But in all circumstances, hiring recall experts is highly recommended.

  • Prepare

    Having a recall plan ready gives you immediate control in times of crisis, saving time and money. And there is a lot more you can do to prepare yourself.

  • Monitor

    Once you have placed products on the market, it is recommended to have a reporting system or database in place that alerts you in case anything is potentially wrong. The sooner you are able to make a corrective action, the better.

  • Correct

    Once a product is unsafe, the appropriate corrective action needs to be taken. Making a risk assessment is the basis for every (potential) corrective action.

  • Evaluate

    No recall is the same. It is worthwhile for the recall team to evaluate a recall, to learn from mistakes and develop best practices for (potential) recalls to come.
  • I have always enjoyed working with Rutger and highly value him for his professional knowledge, his skills and the pleasant interpersonal contacts. That definitely also applies to international and high impact product recalls, where we gained some decent experience together.

    - Mike Smink - Commercial Director at Lazer Sports NV, Antwerp (Belgium)

Why RecallDesk?

The threat of a potential product recall may not be the nicest topic on the agenda of a board meeting. It immediately evokes the image of a room full of worrying faces. And yet, it is crucial to take product safety seriously and take the appropriate corrective measures.

It may be good to know that a well-conducted recall will likely increase your customers’ trust.

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Is a recall really necessary?

A recall is typically regarded as a last resort remedy. In situations where the safety risk is not serious, other corrective actions may be considered that go less far than recalling a product from the end-user. If you are in doubt whether or not you need to recall a product from the market, RecallDesk can help you assessing the risk and advise you on the appropriate corrective actions, if any.